Buku Terbit 2020

Karl Barth

Penulis : Dr. R. Hutabarat

Editor : Francis Hutabarat, MBA, Ph.D

ISBN : 978-623-7908-01-2

Terbit : Maret 2020

copyright, Desanta, 2020

For Bath, God is transcendent, and unknown. The only revelation is the incarnation of Jesus. God’s revelation to Man through His Word is communicated in three primary mediums; first, through Jesus Christ, second through the Bible, and third, through the church. The church is the context for divine-human encounter in which Scripture is expounded and Jesus proclaimed.

The Holy Spirit is the uniting power of love between the Father and the Son in the life of the Trinity effects the union between God and humanity in Christ and binds believers together in Christ.

The key to understand the image of God is found in the “us” and the “our’ of the creation statement of Gen 1:26. An analogy of relation exists between the I and Thou in the divine being, and the being of humanity, male and female. Because the human as creature cannot be “like” God, analogies can only be comparisons of “unlikeness.”

The image of God is to be found in the relationship and not found in something that man possess. The image of God does not exist in a single person because the analogy would be incomplete in solitariness.

Barth believes that man, existing as male and female, is analogous relationship of that which exists within the Godhead, in which the persons of the Godhead confront one another.

Barth does not believe in the loss of the image at the fall because he does not conceive of the image as existence in substance, but existence in correspondence.

The humility of Jesus Christ is the image of God. Jesus as being the image of God, not in His person, but according to 1 Cor. 11:7, as being together with this women (the church). Analogy of relationship between Jesus Christ and His church is seen as the fulfilment of the image of God.

Sin perverted humanity. There was total eradication of what was given to man at creation. The point of contact was cut yet the reconciling grace of God in Jesus connected it. The confrontation of Jesus in man allows him to stand continually in God’s presence. In other word, in Jesus Christ man is restored.

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